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AOM Air Ambulance is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of medical care for its dear patients

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Air Ambulance Repatriation

The repatriation of severely ill or critically injured patients can be complicated and delicate at the best of times, but the whole process can be made less stressful by using a service with dedicated air ambulance aircraft.
Using fully professional teams on the ground and highly trained mission crews, air ambulance services such as AOM Air Ambulance have the experience, and the necessary equipment to ensure the optimal safety and comfort of the patient during repatriation.

Neonatal and Paediatric

These fragile patients need intensive and continuous treatment, with close temperature control, cardiorespiratory and haemodynamic monitoring and intervention where necessary, and they are acutely sensitive to the tiniest environmental change including noise, air pressure, temperature and vibration.
AOM Air Ambulance has therefore invested in fully-equipped transport incubators with neonatal heated/humidified ventilator and invasive/non-invasive monitoring

Intensive Care Patients

AOM Air Ambulance prides itself on providing patients with a level of critical care in transit that you would expect to find in an advanced hospital.
Our equipment enables us to provide optimal ventilation therapy to adults during transport. Our AOM Air Ambulance experts will bring you back home safe and fast.

Infectious Disease Unit

AOM Air Ambulance has a dedicated Infectious Diseases Unit which provides high levels of protection to both patient and crew. This enables AOM Air Ambulance to safely transport highly infectious patients utilising our specialised equipment and training to do so.

Alarm Center

24/7 Active

Operators take turns permanently to answer your calls. We deal with emergencies and organize your repatriations quickly, efficiently, and safely.


Cessna CITATION 650
Bell 412
King Air 200

Our Accreditations

At AOM Air Ambulance we comply with the highest international standards in Critical Care Advanced Life support and flight safety.
The accreditations and ratings that we earned are the stamps of quality of our services. Read more

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